SSSG Chapter 90: Recovery × Training

Growth, in More Than Just Strength

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Du Yixin is going to remove the bandages, but Ying Sheng moves away.

“I’ll do it myself,” Ying Sheng says with knit brows, “just hand me what I need.”

“You can’t even move, how would you even do it,” Du Yixin says, adding, “I have done it for you for a few days already.”

Hearing that makes Ying Sheng widen his eyes and his ears redden.

“You’re blushing?” Du Yixin can see the changes on him, but neither of them are kids anymore, so if he were also given such treatment he’d probably feel ashamed of himself too. He just didn’t expect to see Ying Sheng having a similar reaction.

“I’m not fucking blushing!” Ying Sheng rebukes him, and sounds a little irritated, “shit… Just do it, pronto.”

He looks like he’s about to head out into some battlefield of no return.

Du Yixin finds it a bit humorous. He starts cutting out new bandages with his scissors, and says, “it’ll be over soon enough.”

After removing his bandages, he helps him up and begins wiping his body with the warm towel. When it’s clean as it can be, he starts applying the medicine.

Much of his wounds on the back are healing well, with them all forming scabs. He digs out some cream with his finger, and applies it to his wounds, gently spreading it out.

He then notices that the person he is applying the cream to seems to be shaking slightly.

“Are you feeling cold?”

Ying Sheng is not sure either. He should really hate people touching him, but when the warm, slightly coarse fingertips are touching him all over his back, he feels thirsty, somehow.

“… Water.”

Du Yixin pours him a glass and hovers it right about Ying Sheng’s mouth, saying, “here you go.”

Ying Sheng doesn’t yell about doing it himself this time and opens his mouth as instructed. He was in too much of a hurry and they spilled quite some water, which flows down Ying Sheng’s chin, then his Adam’s apple, down to his chest.

So Du Yixin wipes it with his towel, only to see Ying Sheng completely spit his water out and then curse, “where the fuck are you touching!”

Du Yixin looks at the half empty glass and then at the towel, nonplussed.

Touch him where? He was just wiping him normally, right?

Ying Sheng sees him looking all stupefied and knows better than him that he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He casts his gaze away.

Du Yixin resumes applying medicine on Ying Sheng when apparently he has let go of whatever he just did. Then he bandages him anew and after that, he puts the person back down, and takes the tub of water away.

Ying Sheng’s eyes follow closely on Du Yixin until he has closed the door. Then he turns back to look blankly at the ceiling.

What was he even doing to land himself in such a pathetic situation. He recalls how he rushed out to protect Du Yixin; he doesn’t even understand why he did that.

Back in the ‘Abandoned Hospital’ something similar once (TL: Twice if you count the timeline where they both perished) happened. He could excuse it with needing Du Yixin back then. Then what about this time?

He does not know the reason.

Two more days pass until Ying Sheng could finally leave the bed. His movements are still sluggish, but it is not longer debilitating.

At least, from now on, he doesn’t have to receive intimate physical care from Du Yixin. It’s been nightmarish these past few days. Even a stranger as his nurse would’ve been better.

He really doesn’t want to let anyone see his weak, pathetic form, especially that guy.

As soon as he’s dressed, someone pushes the door to come in. It wasn’t Du Yixin, as Ying Sheng turns around to find it’s an unfamiliar man with his hair dyed a bright red.

“You look like you can move already,” the guy leans on the door.

Ying Sheng turns to face him and asks with a slight scour, “who are you?”

“You forgot the face of the person who saved your life already?” The redhead shakes his head while making ‘tch’s, and explains, “I was the one who healed you, where’s your ‘thank you’s?”


When no response comes, the guy then mutters to himself, “well nevermind, since you did save our Yixin anyway.”

“What even is your damned business?”

“Oh, nothing, I just came to visit,” he is smiling all gently at him.

“Where’s he?”

“Who?” The burly guy acts dumb.

Ying Sheng is now greatly suppressing his urge to beat the guy up and clarifies, “Du Yixin.”

“Oh, he,” the guy looks Ying Sheng over from top to bottom, and then suddenly smiles and says, “if you take your clothes off and let me see that tattoo of yours, then I’ll tell you.”

A response comes for him in the form of a fist to his face. Without dodging, he catches the fist with his own hand and then says, “what kind of sissy punch are you throwing? You’re not recovered yet, so you can save it for later.”

Then he pulls the person along and licks his lips, and makes a show of grabbing his clothes, “there was so much blood I couldn’t see earlier, so it’ll probably be more visible this time…”

Suddenly, his expression freezes up. Something is touching him on his neck – a silver ring is poking his Adam’s apple.

“I’ll help you if you’re just trying to die,” Ying Sheng says next to his ear, with a tone that suggests the bloodthirsty wolf inside of him has recovered as well.

The redhead can’t help but swallow in nervousness. His joke went too far, huh.

He is keenly aware of Ying Sheng’s ability, of course, and since it’s at level V, it can actually trigger in the real world. Just in case, they should’ve had all the possible trigger medium on Ying Sheng removed. Where did he even hide this?

“Wait, wait, I give up. I was kidding,” the guy raises his hands to surrender, then explains, “Yixin is still in training; I was worried about your condition so I regularly come to see how you’re doing.”

Of course, the ‘worry’ is a lie; he just wanted to, well, enjoy some fresh hot meat for himself while he is still mostly infirm.


“Yeah,” the guy says, anything that could divert the young man’s attention would be good. He adds, “do you want to go see? Let me go and I’ll guide you.”

Nor does Ying Sheng feel like provoking conflict at someone else’s base. He lets the man go and indicates for him to go.

He walks through the corridor, and the attached living room. It’s really quiet; it feels like the large base is entirely empty.

They walk down the stairs until they arrive at the underground training facility.

“Don’t tell Caps I brought you down here, he’ll definitely kill me for sure,” the guy keeps telling him over and over again, annoying him.

The training room is bright and expansive, which is all the more evident when there is just one man training inside. Half naked, he is throwing punches at a giant sandbag. He is drenched in sweat already, which is flowing down across the lines of his perfected muscles. The ground is also filled with puddles. He must have been training for a long time. Around his tail vertebrae is a Roman numeral IV that is half buried in his pants.

Ying Sheng furrows his brows a little seeing how hard Du Yixin is working.

He was serious when he said he was going to grow stronger, wasn’t he.

The burly redhead gets entirely the wrong idea seeing Ying Sheng staring straight at Du Yixin, and then rubs his chin and walks over to Du Yixin with a smile.

“Your posture.”

Du Yixin hadn’t noticed them at all until he was called out because he was so focused. He was going to turn his head around, but Liu Hong stops him.

“Don’t mind the surroundings, continue,” he says with an unchanging tone, “I’ll correct your posture.”

Du Yixin gets back into stance and is about to throw a punch, when the burly guy puts his hand beneath his arm and lifts it up a little.

“A little higher. Punches have to be stable, clean and decisive.”

Then he puts his hands on his waist, “make sure you use your waist. You have to engage the power in your core.”

In the end, he puts his hand on his buttocks, “squeeze tight, stand firm.”

“The hell are you touching all over for!”

The sound of outrage makes Liu Hong turn around with this expectant smile on his face. He explains innocently, “I’m teaching him how to punch.”

“Then why are you touching him all over?!”

“Obviously it’s much easier to just correct his posture physically,” he justifies himself confidently, and then throws the question around, “and so what if I am teaching him like this.”

Du Yixin interrupts their fighting and asks, “Ying Sheng? Why are you down here, can you move already?”

“Not just able to move, he was threatening me too,” the burly guy says and then hides behind the much smaller Du Yixin and makes sobbing noises, “he’s so scary~”

“The hell was that, you bastard!” Ying Sheng is now chortling from his immense anger, and says, “you wanted to see my tattoo? Well? C’mere and I’ll show you all you want!”

Du Yixin quickly grabs the rushing Ying Sheng to stop them from fighting for real, but he overestimated how much Ying Sheng has recovered and use all his force in anticipation of what it would take to stop him, which ends up pulling Ying Sheng right into his embrace.

As if he’s doing it on purpose.

Liu Hong makes a suggestive ‘oooh’ noise.

Ying Sheng freezes for a short while before immediately pushing Du Yixin away. He does not say anything, however.

Du Yixin was also surprised himself to have been able to stop him so easily. He asks, “you’re not recovered yet?”

“I’m fine.”

The blatant lie doesn’t convince Du Yixin, who drags him by the arm and starts walking back up, “you have to go back and get some more rest first.”

“Oi, let me go!”

Then Liu Hong steps between them and starts mediating, “alright alright. Yixin, you can’t have the patient lie in bed all the time. If he could move now, he could start doing rehabilitation to further aid his recovery.”

Du Yixin glances at Ying Sheng, then lets him go and says, “… then just do it here. Don’t leave my sight.”

Given Ying Sheng’s identity, if his older brother realised he is already able to move, he’ll definitely chase him away without question.

“Hmph, surveillance…” Ying Sheng is ok with that as long as he gets to move around and not lie down and grow mouldy. All the days in bed makes him feel like his joints are rusting.

And then, there’s also this weird guy.

Ying Sheng looks over at the redhead. Just now, Du Yixin’s punches were practically straight out of a textbook, yet he still went and touched him all over in the name of ‘guidance.’ Then there’s also what he tried to pull on him back then in the room. He’s sure the guy is wrong in the head.

Noticing Ying Sheng’s gaze, Liu Hong makes a big sunshine of a smile at him and says, “right, since you’re staying here together, why don’t you teach Du Yixin?”

That makes both Du Yixin and Ying Sheng pause in place.

“You aren’t happy with how I taught, right? Then how about you teach him yourself?”

Du Yixin doesn’t think that Ying Sheng would agree. In fact, he might even mock Liu Hong for it, but he definitely didn’t expect the “sure” from Ying Sheng.

He gives him a surprised look; Ying Sheng also looks directly at him and says, “I just do it because it’s convenient. You said you’re gonna beat me? With this pitiful level of training you’re doing, you’re 100 years too early.”


And that is now set. Liu Hong doesn’t know what Du Yixin and Ying Sheng thinks of this situation, but at least he is happy to be able to push his work onto someone else.

And Ying Sheng really is interesting to observe. He is naturally extremely skeptical and wary of others, but that is completely gone when he is with Du Yixin. He probably hasn’t even realised this himself, though.

As time pass, Ying Sheng’s body is mostly recovered now. And, just as he has promised, he is seriously training Du Yixin.

His fighting was completely born out of necessity for survival in fights to the death, so his training imparts mostly practical, disabling, and lethal techniques.

In the underground training room, Ying Sheng is suddenly behind Du Yixin’s back. He lightly taps Du Yixin on the nape.

“Five deaths today so far,” Ying Sheng raises his brow, “doing well so far.”

Du Yixin quickly resets his posture and then says, “again.”

His training regimen now involves finishing Liu Hong’s basic physical training every day, which involves muscle training and fundamental fighting techniques. He has repeat each move hundreds of times.

When it’s all done, he has to start fighting with Ying Sheng.

In the beginning, his body would be so dull after all the training, that he would always be ‘struck’ in his weak spot in five seconds flat. He’d ‘die’ up to a hundred times a day. And now, he can already last 10 whole minutes each, and ‘die’ less than ten times a day.

He is now capable of more accurate sensing where a threat is coming from, even with his eyes closed. The basic training has also worked to improve his dexterity and stability when fighting; Ying Sheng’s training, meanwhile, allowed him to discern weak spots in a split second. He has the critical spots on a human body practically burnt into his memory now, and has also learned how to capitalise on landing the most effective hits with the least amount of effort.

There is just one thing he is worrying about.

The condition he has promised his older brother. That Ying Sheng will be chased away as soon as he has recovered. For some reason, his older brother has never asked him about how Ying Sheng is doing. Of course, he wouldn’t tell him about it on his own, either.

This all lasts until one day, he is summoned into the office.

Inside, his older brother is on the phone. After he hangs up, he looks all exhausted.

“Ge, what is it?”

Du Heng avoids the question with another one, “I believe you have something you should tell me about.”

Du Yixin has a slightly ominous feeling as he asks, “what?”

Du Heng just looks at him quietly, waiting for him to open up first.

It must be Ying Sheng’s case.

Du Yixin doesn’t want to deceive his older brother, so he tells him honestly that Ying Sheng has healed already, and also the fact that he has been helping him train recently.

Du Heng does not look at all surprised to hear any of that, however.

“Ge,” Du Yixin asks hesitantly, “you knew already?”

“Do you think anything goes on here without me knowing about it?”

“…” Since it is part of the deal, Du Yixin sighs and says, “I’ll tell him to leave tomorrow then.”

Du Heng asks, “has he ever went outside during this time?”

Du Yixin shakes his head. Up to this point, outside of eating and sleeping, all they’ve been doing is training. Besides, he also understands his older brother’s worries well enough. He is worried the base would be exposed, so he doesn’t ever talk about going out for a walk or something.

And most importantly, since Whitebird’s boss has made his high profile debut the last time around and took the level V Key from in front their very own eyes, the situation has been worsening for them. While his older brother would never tell him about it, but sometimes Liu Hong would have these expressions of worry when they were chatting.

Du Heng then asks, “you mentioned that you wanted him into our organisation, didn’t you?”

Du Yixin did mention that a very long time ago, but he’s given up already. He is surprised to hear it mentioned again, and asks, “but, ge…”

“I’ve also thought it through now. Ying Sheng is strong, and if he could go easy on the murders, he will be an immense boost to our ranks. Right now, too many Keys have been falling to Whitebird left and right. There seems to be signs this ‘collection race’ is entering its final stages. We have to step up our game now.”

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