WLWM World 4: White Moonlight as White as Lotus the Fourth, Ch. 7


Bai Lianhua raises his eyebrows in surprise. He tries again in disbelief, but then has to admit——No matter what method he used, he can’t make the colour of blood on the Sword of Inverse Springs discolour even a tiny bit.

This discovery made him a bit dejected. After looking at the Sword for a while, he finally remembers to give his wound emergency treatment.

While he might have looked calm when he slashed himself with the Sword earlier, but to be honest, it does hurt quite a bit… When he accidentally touches his wound while treating himself, Bai Lianhua almost feels like tearing up.

It can’t be helped. While the system made the body, as a professional white lotus, he needed to be weak and frail; he had almost no pain resistance. Plus he might have transmigrated a lot, but he has seldom had the experience of getting hurt. You can say he’s practically spoilt.

Oof, a wound he slashed himself, no matter how much it hurts he can’t back off… Bai Lianhua feels he’s even more dejected.

As for the quiet system, it’s probably completely shocked by this godly move from Bai Lianhua… It hesitated quite a while before popping up shaking after seeing its host show its familiar expression of on the verge of crying.

“Host. I’ve always underestimated you. I must apologise for my ignorance before.”

“Mm?” Bai Lianhua blinks, and isn’t sure what it is about.

“Did you know how much the mission progress of the return of white moonlight has just jumped, starting from 15%? It went to 80%! What kind of vertical progress is this?”

This system which is eating popcorn as it spectates is really shocked.

“And then… When you were withstanding the pain and were welling up, the progress bar jumped another 5%.”

“So, the total progress of the return mission has already reached 85%… The end is in sight.”

This is perhaps the legendary ‘unexpected move.’ It really didn’t expect that its host which is usually honest to a fault like a dummy was actually capable of making a move like that… Is this the ‘tricking the tiger by pretending to be a pig’? If so then the antagonist would never again escape his clutches and free themselves.

Bai Lianhua also appears surprised, “eh? Was it that effective?”

“The antagonist was touched to that degree?”

“Then it seems that this reverse engineering of their odd thought process I did was correct…”

“When the Sword was suddenly unable to be cleaned just now I almost thought I’d screwed up.”

Or why would the good Sword have ended up looking even more evil-like.

The system is stupefied.

What? Touched?

Host, you’re calling the antagonist’s emotions just now ‘touched’?

And what you’re saying, is that even coherent?

It asks with a complicated expression, “mm… Host, do you actually know what you just did?”

“I suddenly feel like… There might be a misunderstanding here.”

Bai Lianhua looks at the system, confused, “what? I just did what a professional white lotus would do and try to resolve his stubbornness.”

“System, you didn’t see that?”

“Since Zhong Xiutang was fixated on whether he is dirty or not after being covered in blood, then I would let him know, that he isn’t.”

“Isn’t this a normal response to discovering the stubbornness of the antagonist? You also said he’d reacted, and the mission progress jumped, so what was wrong?”

“Don’t worry. I think I’ve already learned how to deal with the antagonist. That is to tune your brain to the same channel as the antagonist, and try to think in terms of the cliché thought process they’re used to. Then to apply that practically after a solution pops up… Look, it turned out successful.”

The system almost feels like crashing… What part of that was normal just now? Host, wake up, don’t be infected by the weird brain worm that the antagonists are all infected by!

Solving their stubbornness? I think you’ve rather given him a lifelong trauma.

The system’s already said no antagonist of any world wants to hurt you at all… So you’ve basically given a heavy blow to the antagonist while being unaware here.

So, without anyone noticing, you’ve basically managed to become a scum… Give that original, sweet and harmless host back to me, oi!

This natural scumminess is even worse than intentionally being a scum, you know, because who knows when you’d decide to make another godly move.

The system holds onto its fragile little heart, hoping to dissect all these things up and analyse it for Bai Lianhua. Yet, looking at Bai Lianhua who’s quite joyous, it finds itself unable to tell him.

It’s tired. Oh well, ignorance is bliss. A host that can one-shot an antagonist without being aware of it… is quite amazing in a sense.

Zhong Xiutang hid for quite long this time.

No matter how Bai Lianhua called for him later, he never appeared, nor responded.

He lets Bai Lianhua handle his physical form as Bai Lianhua wished while he played dead.

But Bai Lianhua isn’t dissuaded. He also believes the antagonist whose stubbornness has been affected perhaps needed time to readjust. He understands.

So he spends his days in peace in the remote forests while keeping up his habit of speaking to the Sword one-sidedly every day.

He can’t help it. He must first spend some time away in this remote location to wait it out, at least until the aftershocks of Lei Kuiliang’s death calm down.

At least the forests are bountiful and he doesn’t need to worry about he’d starve himself to death… Plus, there’s still Zhong Xiutang.

The guy didn’t want to appear, but he’d always silently gather food for him, which is the only moment when the Sword of Inverse Springs doesn’t play dead.

Like when he’d be walking and Bai Lianhua would feel the Sword of Inverse Springs shaking a bit like a notification. He’d release his grip and the Sword would fly up to cut a branch down for it to fall downwards with the fruits on it… Then, he’d know the fruit must be edible and the taste would be acceptable at the very least.

Bai Lianhua mumbles with the system, “sigh. Say, how long is the antagonist going to throw his tantrum for? He isn’t coming out forever; is he even listening when I’m saying stuff everyday?”

The system tells him that, he definitely is.

Since Zhong Xiutang must have been focussing on everything that Bai Lianhua is doing to be able to feed the host at the most opportune moment every single time.

Oh, how conflicted he feels.

On the one hand, good job host. On the other hand, can you be a bit more of a man, antagonist?

Antagonist, seriously, where’s that resolve when you were killing people without so much as a blink as an evil sword?

Get the plays up! Torture and drama! Love and hate! Little black house!

You’re ruining this classic set of you and the host each being a devilish antagonist and a little white lotus!

Don’t tell me you’re turning into an essential equipment to be bought and brought at all times!

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TL’s notes: Ok, that last joke sounded a lot more coherent in Chinese and in my head… Can’t think of a way to fix it though.

3 thoughts on “WLWM World 4: White Moonlight as White as Lotus the Fourth, Ch. 7

  1. 🤩cute Poor system, always suffering heart 💓 attack from ur dear host, always wishing that his cute formal innocent host will return. thanks for the awesome chapters and pls update on 😘


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